8 Recipes That Harness the “Power” of Aphrodisiacs

The Valentine’s Day menu that will take the heat from the kitchen to the bedroom.

We’ve established that the science behind some aphrodisiacs may be a little wonky. But we’re still willing to give ourselves over to the placebo effect that certain foods have when it comes to inducing sexual passion.

And with these recipes, you may just cook up a little romance in the bedroom.


Bourbon, Lemon and Honey

Kicking off your meal with this simple three-ingredient cocktail (including a dash of sweetness from honey) will whet your appetite in more ways than one.


Oyster and Wild Mushroom Stew

Warm up with this appetizer that is sure to impress your date (keep the fact that it only took 10 minutes of prep time to yourself).


Pomegranate Guacamole

This appetizer packs a double punch in the aphrodisiac department, with pomegranate seeds and avocado sending your sex drive into high gear.  


Baked Rosemary Beet Chips

Serve up your guacamole with some beet chips for dipping. Not only do they pack their own aphrodisiac punch, but cutting back on sodium in processed chips will keep post-meal bloat to a minimum (which you’ll be thankful for when you slip into something more comfortable).


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Kale Salad

Who says you have to wait until dessert to break out the chocolate? Give your greens a Valentine’s day makeover with libido-boosting strawberries and cocoa. (Added bonus: the combo has also been shown to boost mood.)


Chorizo Green Chile Breakfast Skillet

If you’re going the breakfast in bed route, spice things up by throwing some chile peppers in the mix.


Grilled Balsamic and Rosemary Flat Iron Steak

Pour two glasses of cabernet and then throw a splash into your marinade for a tender, juicy main course.


Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookies

Valentine’s day is all about the chocolate. Up your chances of taking it from the table to the bedroom by adding walnuts to your dessert.