Why We Need to Control Our Energy

A two-minute argument for curating what you care about.

What have you actually cared about this week?

A few important things, sure.

You’ve cared about your family, your money, your health.

Those are important.

But I’ll bet you’ve spent an almost equal amount of energy caring about things that don’t matter and don’t have any long term bearing on your life. You’ve spent time and energy caring about that one asshole who cut you off when you were driving.

You’ve spent time and energy getting shitty about the noise your sink makes. You’ve spent time and energy caring about the outcome of an argument about which group of athletes who are trying to professionally get a ball from one end of a field to the other are the best at getting balls from one end of a field to the other.

And it’s okay to care about all these things. But you have to recognize that it does something to you. It saps your energy and it saps your reserves. Because you only have finite resources to begin with. And the more you spend passionately caring about certain things, the less you have to spend caring about the things that matter.

In the big scheme of things, you can care about whatever you want. It’s just important to be aware of what we’re caring about, and make a conscious decision!

This piece originally appeared on Medium.


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