5 Slightly Better-For-You Grilled Cheese Recipes

Because nothing makes vegetables taste better than melted cheese.

Wednesday was National Grilled Cheese Day, but today is Friday—which is just as good of an occasion to eat a satisfying dollop of melted gruyere, swiss or mozzarella.

The process of making this classic sandwich has become a sacred ritual. First, you spread butter on two pieces of toast with the utmost care to leave no crumb uncovered; then you layer the cheese just right for minimum over-the-edge spillage (no one likes cheese burn); and finally, you wait patiently until the grill marks are just right before flipping the sandwich onto your plate.

But there is something missing from most grilled cheese sandwiches (with the exception of the occasional, half-heartedly placed tomato): vegetables.

We’re stupefied by this particular trend. After all, the best way to enjoy any vegetable is to smother it in brie, and slap it between two piece of bread. That way, you get all the nice texture (and nutritional boost) of veggies with the unbeatable, creamy taste of your favorite cheese. It’s a win-win. So we’ve rounded up six takes on grilled cheese that incorporate veggies into the cult classic. Whip out your panini maker—it’s time for some toasted cheese (and vegetables!).

Mediterranean Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Yep—that green stuff you see poking out is kale. This gourmet-looking sandwich is seriously easy to whip up, and calls for four Mediterranean-style vegetables that harmonize perfectly with feta cheese.

Cauliflower Crusted Grilled Cheese

It seems that cauliflower has become the gateway vegetable for the veggie-haters looking to make indulgent dishes a bit healthier. This time, it’s in full-on stealth mode as the bread that holds together this grilled cheese. So go ahead—add this recipe to your list of healthified guilty pleasures (right next to cauliflower pizza).

Spinach Artichoke Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Artichokes, mozzarella cheese,and greek yogurt? Yes, please. This recipe has all the creamy richness you want in a grilled cheese, and since it’s pressed between two slices of multigrain bread, you’ll also be getting a nice dose of fiber.

Caramelized Onion, Mushroom and Swiss Melt

Mushrooms and Swiss cheese just go together. Add on some caramelized onions, and we’re in grilled cheese heaven. Try sandwiching this unbeatable combination between multi-grain bread for an even healthier take.

Avocado & Goat Cheese Sandwich

You can’t possibly do a sandwich roundup without the avocado making an appearance. This sandwich is great as a brown-bag lunch, or prepping for an easy, summer dinner. We are strong proponents for a 3:1, avocado to goat cheese, ratio.


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