5 Trends That Will Heighten Your Sexual Experience in 2017

Research and technology are bringing on a whole new level of hedonism.

Some predictions are easy to make—like the hot colors for spring or the next food craze. But you may not realize that sex trends ebb and flow in the same way. We’re making love in a time when research on pleasure is at its peak. Pair that info with the technological strides being made on the regular, and you’ve got the recipe for a whole new wave of sex toys with futuristic functions you could only have dreamed of a few years ago.

There’s a ton of new information that sex toy innovators and adventurous couples alike are using to reach a whole new level of hedonism. Here are the most up-and-coming toys and trends set to make your love making much hotter in 2017.

Heat Technology

Remember when “The Rabbit” was the most advanced vibrator on the market? Self pleasure technology has come a long way since Sex in the City made the toy a best-seller. Today, it’s not uncommon to see vibrators with a laundry list of functions way beyond different vibration speeds. Nowadays many even come with a corresponding app, allowing you to control the toy right from your phone. However, you probably haven’t come across a vibrator that lets you regulate its temperature—until now. 

“Temperature is often ignored as an important variable in achieving stronger orgasms,” said Suzie Michelle, brand manager at Tantriss, the company behind the world’s first sex toy with heat regulation technology: the Umie. How does heat help you get off? According to Mark S. Blumberg Ph.D., adding a different feeling like heat can positively impact sexual stimulation. “Diverse sensations dramatically increase arousal, heighten skin sensitivity and release pleasure-fueling endorphins,” he stated in his book Body Heat

While there hasn’t been a ton of research done on the direct correlation between temperature and the female orgasm, Michelle reports that over 70 percent of the toy’s beta testers prefer using the heat function. Which makes sense, since sticking a cold vibrator inside you sounds less than pleasant. “The ability to safely control the temperature of a sex toy is a new phenomena and one that is here to stay,” said Michelle. “Once we become accustom to a groundbreaking feature (think Siri), we soon wonder how we lived without it.”  

Sex-Training Tools

Exercise trackers have been having their moment for a while now, allowing users to keep tabs on their fitness progress and stay on track to achieve their weight-loss and performance goals. But what about training the muscles that you use during sex? Enter: the Elvie, a smart device that allows women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles using a corresponding app. “We’re seeing a move away from the traditional image of what is ‘sexy’ and offering an empowered alternative,” said co-founder and CEO Tania Boler. “Women want to feel sexy from the inside out, and we are starting to see brands cater for that more and more.”

How does it work? “Our exercise tracker helps women strengthen and tone their pelvic floor muscles with fun, five-minute workouts,” Boler explained. “Exercise boosts blood flow, so when you’re working out your intimate muscles you increase sensitivity down there too. Women have also told us that by spending more time engaging that part of your body they have more control over what they feel during sex.” 

A similar device created for men hasn’t hit the market—yet. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a Kickstarter for a penis push up training device in the near future.

Apps That Get You Laid

You’re probably thinking, “Tinder, duh.” But sexologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz predicts that a whole new wave of hookup apps designed to facilitate casual meetups that won’t get you kidnapped are going to make a big splash in 2017. “What developers have discovered is that while women want hook ups too, they want a little delicacy in the beginning—so pictures of penises are not the right approach,” said Dr. Schwartz.

Amen to that.

“Successful apps will have a bit of conversation and convenience in them, and offer the opportunities for both a hook up and a date,” she said. Keep an eye out for more apps actually designed for finding no-strings-attached sex in your area—which will hopefully mean the end of the unsolicited dick pic trend. 

Subscription-Based Sex Toy Boxes

There’s a subscription box available for just about any hobby out there these days, whether you’re a hoarder of beauty products or an aspiring wine connoisseur. So it makes sense that subscription boxes for folks who want to explore all the sex paraphernalia that the market has to offer would be the next obvious step.

“Increasingly, women and couples will include their sexual well-being as part of their overall health and wellness,” said Polly Rodriguez, creator of the Unbound Box, on her future predictions. “Subscribing to a service that allows you to enjoy your sexuality (and serves as a lovely reminder that you should) will grow to be less taboo and more accepted. After all, sexuality is something that affects us all, shouldn’t we embrace and enjoy that instead of hiding from it?”

Unbound offers quarterly subscriptions as well as one-time boxes shipped discreetly to your home, with a ton of different themes for whatever you’re into—from anal to nipple play, and even gift boxes for couples or a lucky bachelorette. Stumped for a wedding gift? It may be time to stray from the registry.

Kinky Events

You’ve probably heard whispers about the world of under-the-radar sex clubs and events. They’re not necessarily a new thing—spanking clubs and meetups for fetishists have existed for decades. But with certain sexual desires and affinities becoming less taboo and more mainstream, 2017 is poised to be a year where just about anything you’re into will be offered as an event. 

“For those in dense population centers, the world is their sex oyster,” said Dr. Schwartz. “Fetlife offers meetups for kinksters in a number of cities. Kasidie helps single men and ladies find each other as companions who need to go as couples for swingers parties (which usually require unaccompanied men to have a female companion in order to get in). Expect proliferation of these parties around the country with sites like Skirt Club for bisexual and bi-curious women, or Lip Servicewhere pan sexual players get a blindfold and try out a whole number of people’s lips—above the neck.” 

Not ready to take your clothes off in front of a bunch of strangers just yet? The trend of cuddle parties is set to continue into 2017, for those who are seeking a more PG version of group love.



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