9 Guided Notebooks to Gift Those That Could Benefit From a Little Journaling

Whether they're a dreamer, athlete, or having some major wanderlust.

It’s a well known fact that you can never have too many blank journals. Personally, we support dedicating an entire row of your bookshelf to housing immaculate white pages just waiting to be filled with your dreams, tirades, and absent musings.

And the practice is a science-baked way to relieve stress and boost productivity. Who can’t get on board with that? (Especially with a list of ambitious resolutions sitting before you.)

But there’s also something daunting about staring a blank journal in the face. In fact, it’s kind of like being thrown into the deep end before you’ve even learned how to swim.

So if you’re thinking about gifting journals this holiday season, you may want to consider the possibility that the loved ones on your list may feel just as intimidated by 300 pages of blank paper as you do.

Enter guided journals.

We’ve gathered up a host of them to fit the needs of everyone on your list—whether they’re an artist, a world-traveler, or a runner with some serious goals for the new year. They can fill these pages to the brim—just in time for you to buy them a new journal next year. We recommend wrapping each of these up with a 7-Year Pen (so they don’t have any excuses not to keep on writing).

Give the gift of journaling this year and give everyone on your list a jumpstart on health and productivity in 2017.


Eat Drink Move Sleep Journal

Price: $12.52

Named after our four favorite things, this journal is perfect for the fitness guru(s) in your life. With daily check-ins that ask you to write about your challenges, achievements and physical/mental health, this little book serves as an easy day-to-day survey of your overall well-being.


Swept Away By Wanderlust Fill-In Journal

Price: $25.13

For the globe-trotter who hops from one fabulous destination to the next, this journal is a must. Whether they’re taking it on their backpacking journey across Europe, or setting it on their coffee table (for now), this aesthetic beauty will accompany them on many adventures to come.


My Life in Comic Bubbles Journal

Price: $10.55

This one’s for the comic geek in your life. Give them the gift of summarizing 2017 in a series of comic strips and thought bubbles. Just make sure they give your character a cape.


I Am Here Now

Price: $10.25

For the mindfulness junkie in your life, this journal offers simple exercises to help your loved one start living in the moment . . . like, NOW. 


Knock Knock Dream Journal

Price: $15.95

You know that co-worker who recounts her dreams to you in extreme detail every morning? This journal is for her. Whether her dreams feature elephants wearing hula skirts or her winning the lottery, this journal will listen so that you don’t have to.


My Bucket List Fill-In Journal

Price: $34.99

See the Northern Lights? Run a marathon? Underwater basket weaving? For that friend with big dreams, who seems to have a mid-life crisis every year fueled by not checking any of them off the list, this journal will create a place to plan out everything that simply must be done.


Runner’s World Training Journal

Price: $14.12

For that friend who outpaces you on the treadmill and the track, this journal is the perfect place to log a whole year of pounding the pavement.This handy journal also helps runner’s analyze their data so they can set goals like a pro.


The Happiness 100-Day Planner

Price: $30

This gift’s simple task—to record happiness—makes it the ideal pick for anyone on your list. Who doesn’t have “Live a happier life” on their goal list for 2017?


Rate Your Day 3 Year Journal

Price: $13.99

Five stars? Three stars? Yikes—only one star? This journal prompts the critic on your gift list to rate their day like they would a movie. Rest assured, if you gift them this journal, we’re sure their first day will he five out of five stars.



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