#30DaysofMindful: How Mindfulness Is Like Kissing the Frog That Turns Into a Prince

How Biet Simkin discovered that the ability to live mindfully is simply hidden under all that is not working.

Mindfulness is a buzzword in the health and wellness community, but translating it into our own daily routine is easier said than done. Our #30DaysofMindful series takes a deep dive into what mindfulness means to influencers, experts and CEO’s who have mastered the mental trick. Their real-life applications may help you define it for yourself.


EVERUP: What does mindfulness mean to you?

BIET: Not taking myself seriously. Disappearing so that what is higher can use me as its conduit. A birds eye view of what I would other wise think is “self”.

When did mindfulness become something that you actively tried to practice and why? 

I have been practicing it along with laziness, self pity, addiction, unnecessary suffering and fear for my whole life. Eight years ago I decided to let go of the first slew of activities and once this was all that was left, everything changed. Mindfulness is what’s hidden under all that is not working for someone. If you meditate and surrender what you get notions to surrender you will find mindfulness is just sitting there waiting for you. She is your best friend.

How did you go about incorporating it into your routine and practicing it daily?

I decided that it came first. I made mindfulness the primary concern of my life. Then as it began ruling the rest of me I uncovered that I would have to also pursue life with the same zeal! It is not enough to be mindful and resigned. One must pursue life and the space in between in life with passion! So my practice today consists of putting mindfulness first but allowing that to direct the rest of my actions. Prayer and meditation are key elements and those for me must be a daily practice.

Did you encounter any roadblocks or struggles when first attempting to be more mindful? Was it hard to cultivate?

Sure. I discovered all my flaws. Then I went into each one one by one and pulled out the power and transmuted it into service and creativity. Who knew that the power was hidden in all that was ugly in me? It’s sort of like kissing the frog and having it turn into a prince.

Biet leading a group mediation at the MOMA's Quiet Mornings event.
Biet leading a group mediation at the MOMA’s Quiet Mornings event.

What are some ways that you actively cultivate and practice mindfulness? 

I meditate for half an hour a day. I guide hundreds and thousands of people through meditation. I always watch my life like a movie, I do not identify with myself. She is not me. I remember who I actually am. I remember my soul.

What effects did you see on your mental and physical health, productivity and/or creativity as you made mindfulness a part of your daily life?

Better relationships, lots of money, clarity around my finances, healthier food intake, better friends, world travel, cohesive and fortifying career and on and on! All due to mindfulness, meditation and obedience to the voice it led me to.

What do you think is the most common misconception about mindfulness?

I think people think you have to stop thinking to do it. You can’t ever stop thinking. Mindfulness is not a parlor trick. It’s a series of practices coupled with understanding that shift a level of someone’s being. Once you reach these higher levels, you still think. You just don’t take your thoughts with the same weight you once did.

Give us your 30-second elevator pitch for why we should all be making mindfulness a part of our daily routine, and actively trying to cultivate it.

Do you want everything in life and actually want to savor and delight in every moment of it? Do you want to learn how to even embrace and rejoice in your own transitions and suffering? Well then mindfulness is the tool for you! If you make this invisible, unprovable thing the primary concern of your life you will be the happiest and healthiest person you have ever been. I mean, it’s basically a no brainer. But don’t believe me. Try it, get a proper guide, learn and do do do it … and the rest will be history!

Biet Simkin is the Founder of Center of the Cyclone, an immersive experience that weaves meditation, self inquiry, art, music and fashion, offering an explosive experience. Biet’s feeling was that the world of the intellect, fashion and art needed spirituality, and the world of spirituality was often missing the mark and needed some vanity and fire. Colliding these two worlds Biet has created events with MoMA, Lululemon, Soul Cycle, Vice, Sundance Film Festival, The Path, Summit Series, The Collective, Babel, Wanderlust Festival and more.. Currently she is working on her upcoming event at The Whitney and is the resident meditation leader at Neuehouse.



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