8 Reading & Writing Podcasts to Indulge Your Inner Literary Geek

Plug in your headphones and rekindle your love for the written word.

If your daily dose of reading and writing has started to feel more like a chore than a passion (re: emails, news articles and proposals for work), it may be time to rekindle your love for the written word.

As our schedules become more and more jam-packed, and video-streaming turns into background noise rather than a leisure activity, it follows that our bookshelves become dusty and writing in our journals turns into an infrequent ritual. Before you know it, you’re 10 feet deep in a severe word-rut, and you need out fast. 

There may not be a rehab for literary geeks that have fallen off the wagon (although, how amazing would that be?), but you can cope by subscribing to one (or eight) literary podcasts—covering everything from this week’s must-reads to interviews with compelling writers.

Here are some reading and writing podcasts to help you restore your zeal for the written word:

All the Books!

One of Book Riot‘s many diverse reading podcasts, this excellent listen can get you through even your worst reading rut. Your co-hosts, Liberty and Rebecca, refer to themselves as “well-readheads”—a fitting name for this hilarious and bookish duo. Each week, they choose six or more books to gush over. Luckily, their taste varies just enough that everyone can find a title to love on this podcast. You’re going to want to renew your library card ASAP.

Stack up you reading list with the most recent episode of All the Books!:


10-Minute Writer’s Workshop

If you’re dealing with writer’s block, taking 10 minutes to tune into this podcast may help get your creative juices start flowing once more. Each episode features a short interview with various, acclaimed writers including Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Russo, Poet Laureate Donald Hall, and bestselling author Helen Simonson. Whether you’re a poet, a screenwriter or an obsessive journal-keeper, these writers have something to add to your creative process.

Listen to this episode featuring James McBride, author of The Color of Water, for all your writing needs:


Grammar Girl – Quick & Dirty Tips

The English language can feel like unchartered waters at times. Even the best writer’s and accomplished copywriters struggle with these language subtleties. Subscribe to this podcast to shed some much-needed light on the nitty gritty rules that plague your day-to-day writing life. Grammar Girl tackles your most common word-blunders from affect v. effect, to  titled v. entitled, to shined or shone. Prepare to proofread your writing like a pro.

Tune into this episode to learn whether or not you need to capitalize social media:


The New Yorker: Fiction

It should come as no surprise that The New Yorker hosts many high-quality podcasts for navigating all of your creative pursuits. This particular show will motivate you to open a blank document on your laptop, and get started on your long put-off, literary endeavor. Each month, famous writers come onto the show to read fiction featured in past publications of The New Yorker. From Michael Cunningham to Joyce Carol, this podcast will have you dreaming of joining The New Yorker’s impressive cast of fiction writers.

Download the most recent episode, which features Ben Lerner reading John Berger—author of Ways of Seeing:


What Should I Read Next?

This podcast focuses on “literary match-making”‚ i.e. helping you find a book that will help you enjoy yourself, or maybe even change your life. Every week, host Anne Bogel interviews a reader (like you) about what they’re looking for in a book. Then, she makes recommendations to suit that guest’s specific needs. Book recs tailored specifically to our literary tastes? Yes please, sign us up.

Time to add some “life-changing” books to your TBR list:


I Should Be Writing

Nevermind that this podcast’s title evokes all the existential nagging of a writer’s inner-monologue. Mur Lafferty, author of The Shambling Guide to New York City, leads you through this advice-centric writer’s podcast, discussing everything from Book Burnout to Believing in Yourself. Whatever writing-based crisis your going through, Lafferty will guide you through it with refreshingly honest suggestions.

Listen to her most recent podcast where she announces that her book, Shambling Guides, will be turned into a Netflix series:


The New York Times Book Review

Many of us dream of having one of our own books reviewed by The New York Times, but until that fine day, we can satisfy our needs by listening to this podcast. Each week, the show’s host, Pamela Paul, invites authors, editors and critics to discuss the best new books circulating in the literary scene. If you’re all about new releases, this is a must-add to your podcast queue.

Check out this week’s episode, featuring Mark Gevisser reviewing We Are Not Such Things:


Creative Writing Career

This podcast targets multimedia writers—including television, video games, comics and beyond. From incorporating storytelling into your games, to coming to terms with the realities of writing, the three hosts of this podcasts band together to find solutions to your most pressing writing questions.

Take a listen to this episode if you dream of writing for Disney one day:



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