8 Running Podcasts to Get Your Mind Back in Marathon Mode

Listen up—these podcasts will propel you forward in your training plan.

We’re smack in the middle of marathon training season.

For some of us, this means replacing our worn out kicks, or taking our training up an extra notch. But for others, this time is characterized by fatigue. We can no longer remember why we committed to running such a ridiculous amount of miles in the first place—let alone pay money to do so.

Whether you’re training for a half marathon or going for the full 26.2 miles, now is about that the time when you’re training may start to lose momentum, and fast. You decide to take a rest day, which turns into two … or ten. It’s just so easy to skip your run when a Netflix marathon is calling your name.

While the possibility is tempting in the moment, you’re going to regret the decision as you huff through mile 10, feeling as though you can’t possibly go on (and then kick yourself as you scroll through a newsfeed full of friends broadcasting their post-race victories.)

So silence the excuses and get your head back in the game. Recommitting to your training plan requires getting your heart back into your runs.

How do you do this exactly?

Add some super-inspiring running podcasts to your playlist.

This podcast running roundup covers a lot of ground (pun intended). From professional running inspiration to the best pavement pounding jams, these podcasts will inspire you to get off the couch and back on the pavement. No matter what’s holding you back, these episodes will help you push through your self-inflicted mental roadblock.

The Runner’s World Show

Hosted by the editor-in-chief of Runner’s World, David Willey, this podcast does an exceptional job of looking at running as a lifestyle rather than just a way to sweat. Willey covers a myriad of running topics, from lacing up with your furry friend to the flourishing running culture in China. If you’re lacking inspiration for your next run, take a listen to a The Runner’s World podcast for a fast fix.

The episode, featuring 1968 Boston Marathon winner, Amby Burfoot, will help you navigate even the most challenging of runs:

Human Race

When you’re lacking motivation to head out for that four-mile run on your training schedule, it’s time to tune into this podcast. Hosted by Rachel Swaby, the podcast chronicles crucial realities about being a runner, and being a human. Swaby covers every great running feat from the fastest run around the world, to the infamous Barkley marathons. Once you’ve listened to accounts of people who ran 100+ miles at a 60,00o foot elevation, you will gain some much-need perspective about just how difficult your training plan really is.

Before you head out for your next run, take a listen to San Francisco marathon-winner Katy Schilly’s story of how she started running:

Trail Talk

Hosted by Doug Hay, this podcast offers practical, bite-size training tips to optimize any training schedule. Whether you need to know how to set up camp before an Ultramarathon or how to handle race-day pain, Hay has simple, applicable tips to share with listeners.

Check out this Trail Talk podcast on how to schedule your weekly mileage:


The Conscious Runner

Replete with running hacks and inspiration alike, The Conscious Runner encourages listeners to run in the way that is right for them. Whether your tackling a 5K or an Ultramarathon, host Lisah Hamilton invites established runners onto her show to share their training secrets.

Suffering from an injury? Listen to this Conscious Runner podcast featuring Elinor Fish:


Motion Traxx

The right music can prove instrumental in turning a good run into a great run. Produced by Deekron, aka “The Fitness DJ,” this show sets you up with the perfect beats to move those feet. What makes this podcast even more of a game-changer is that Deekron has engineered certain episodes to align perfect with your heart rate. That’s right—this podcast will stay with you no matter what your speed.

New Yorkers (or those looking to channel the energy of the Big Apple)—if you’re looking for some new tunes to run with, this Empire Run playlist is the perfect pick for you:


Running Mate Media 5K101

The beginners best friend—this podcast brings an in-the-know running coach straight into your earbuds. Each episode transitions seamlessly from drill, to energy-pumping music, to advice. All you have to do is lace up and press play. You’ll be running a 5K in no time.

Week one, here you come:

Mojo for Running

Another training companion, this podcast seeks to guide you through all the tiny things that can throw a wrench in your journey to race day. From shin splints, to overtraining syndrome, to running downhill, running coach Debbie Voiles offers simple tips on how best to avoid these tiny conundrums.

Check out this short little podcast on why you may not be giving yourself enough running cred:


The Connect Run Club

This podcast brings on everyday runners, certified coaches, and running researchers to share their stories. With solid tips, race coverage, and running motivation, this podcast will inspire you to log your best miles.

Listen to this episode featuring elite runner, Tina Muir, to fuel your psyche for an excellent run:



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