30 Days of Creativity: Keisha Dutes, Audio Producer


30 Days of Creativity is a 30 day series in which we explore creative work and play with some of today’s most interesting artists, entrepreneurs, and makers.

Creative Luminary: Keisha Dutes
Creative Pursuit: Audio Producer

Describe the first thing you remember creating as a child.

I’m not a visual artist by any means, at least in my adult life, but as a kid I would do these graph-paper tapestry pieces. Each tiny box would have a tiny design until the whole sheet was filled up. It wasn’t the first thing I ever created but it one that remains most present in my mind, especially since I grew up to work with audio, which draws on a whole other sense. Now I tell stories through sound.

What’s your favorite piece of work you’ve created?

I’m currently producing a Jazz radio show/podcast and helping the host (Shannon J. Effinger) bring her live experiences to the airwaves—it’s like “just add water” and the New Orleans Jazz Festival has bloomed in your head!

You feel the ambiance of the location, people are excited and it shows, and the interviews have a palpable energy. Using small technical detail to make an moment shine or minor editing can take a piece to another level.

What is one “creative exercise” or process you go through when you’re lost for inspiration?

First and foremost, start doing. Don’t wait. Take Classes. Be inspired. Try not to feel jaded about everything—there’s wonder all around you and when you can’t find it try something new outside of your expertise and become inspired over and over again. That’s how you keep yourself fresh and excited.

As for a creative exercise? Pick five songs that would be the soundtrack to your day.

Think about the highs, lows, and transitions into your activities. Make a playlist and tell folks what you did that day. Do they hear your day in your songs?

Keisha Dutes is also known as TastyKeish.

Photo: Matteo Scaglione